Team Democracy brings together Americans of all political perspectives around our shared commitment to the core principles of our constitutional democracy. Our focus is on countering the toxic polarization that has come to dominate political discourse in recent years. We promote and amplify positive messages and actions that underscore the importance of democratic institutions, norms and processes and our shared commitment to free, fair, and inclusive elections.

Team Democracy is a nonprofit 501(c)3.

our mission
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It's simple, really.  We are Americans.  And America needs us to be better than we've been.  Team Democracy's mission is to rally all Americans - and especially those who we elect to represent us - to a shared identity, and a shared commitment to democracy.  

We ask of ourselves, and of our elected leaders, an enduring commitment to the safe and fair electoral processes that will keep democracy on track for another two and a half centuries, and beyond.  As democracies around the world resist the mounting efforts of autocracies to undermine them, our commitment to shoring up democracy here at home could not be more important, or more timely.

Our Team


Although our advisors play various roles, and come from across the political spectrum, they share a common commitment to protecting and securing a healthier and more resilient democracy for generations to come.

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