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RALLYING in support

Polarization threat

Deepening polarization poses an existential challenge to America's Constitutional democracy.  A study by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace study found that “severe polarization correlates with serious democratic decline” and the unprecedented extended period of intense polarization in the United States puts it in “uncharted and very dangerous territory."

Building a healthier and more resilient democracy depends heavily on our ability to reduce polarization by leaning in, listening first, and resisting the temptation to vilify those whose opinions are different from our own.  A healthier democracy doesn't require more agreement.  It requires that we cherish and nurture mankind's noblest and fairest system for managing our differences.



Team Democracy’s mission is to bring Americans of all political perspectives together around our shared commitment to the core democratic principles of our Constitutional Republic. We promote and amplify positive messages and actions that underscore the importance of our democratic institutions, norms and processes.

Studies from psychological literature show that one of the most effective ways to overcome polarization is through reinforcing a shared purpose or identity. To that end, we promote three core initiatives that:

  • amplify Americans' shared values in support of safe and fair elections;

  • inspire and incentivize opportunities for broader, healthier civic engagement; and

  • create national events that exemplify the value of pulling ourselves together rather than pulling ourselves apart


In a few short years, Team Democracy has helped Americans to affirm and celebrate our shared values and vision, through each of our three core initiatives.  We have

  • Earned signatures from more than 775 candidates (50/50 red and blue) on the S.A.F.E. Pledge, committing their support for elections that are both secure AND accessible; and supporting the peaceful transfer of power, no matter who wins;

  • Developed a digital Civics Credentialing System (CCS) creating pathways that help inspire, amplify and reward Americans' healthier civic engagement;

  • Launched R.A.F.T. for America in support of the National Governors Association's Disagree Better Campaign, highlighting the power of real-world collaboration across the country.

OUR THREE CORE Initiatives

Team Democracy is building upon the success of three powerful initiatives in 2024:

secure and accessible voting
Civics credentialing System

Team Democracy is deploying and expanding its powerful Civics Credentialing Platform. Built on open digital credentialing technology, it encourages broader and deeper civic participation by citizens, candidates, officeholders and organizations. Shared across social media platforms, digital badges give added voice and visibility to the actions and behaviors that strengthen our Constitutional democracy.

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truth and science over disinformation
R.A.F.T. for America - 2024
(Reuniting America by Fostering Trust)

Team Democracy is hosting red/blue pairs of Americans (governors, lawmakers and everyday citizens) on 2024 rafting adventures from coast to coast, demonstrating that no matter what our differences, as Americans we are all in the same boat, and we always do better by pulling together than by pulling apart.

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peaceful transfer of power
Trusted Elections

In cooperation with the Carter and Ford Presidential Centers, Team Democracy is bringing its experience and technology with the Safe and Fair Elections Pledge to the 2024 initiative, earning commitments from candidates, incumbents, and everyday citizens to the core principles of our lawful electoral processes.

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