Over 700 candidates have signed the Safe and Fair Elections Pledge in 2022. See Candidate Signers

Uniting in support

Polarization threat

Deepening polarization poses an existential challenge to America's constitutional democracy.  A Carnegie Endowment for International Peace study found that “severe polarization correlates with serious democratic decline” and the unprecedented extended period of intense polarization in the United States puts it in “uncharted and very dangerous territory."



Team Democracy’s mission is to bring Americans of all political perspectives together around our shared commitment to the core democratic principles of our Constitutional Republic. We promote and amplify positive messages and actions that underscore the importance of democratic institutions, norms and processes.

Numerous studies from psychological literature have shown that one of the most effective ways to overcome polarization is through reinforcing a shared purpose or identity.

2022 success

In 2022, Team Democracy created the Safe and Fair Elections Pledge that was endorsed by national security leaders and signed by 775 candidates in the midterms, with an almost 50/50 split between conservatives and liberals. Their shared commitment to a non-partisan pledge affirming the fundamental principles of Safe and Fair elections demonstrates that it is possible to unite our country around the principles and processes of constitutional democracy.

OUR Initiatives

Team Democracy is building upon its 2022 success with three powerful initiatives in 2023 and 2024:

secure and accessible voting
Civics credentialing

Team Democracy is developing a Civics Credentialing Platform built on open digital credentialing technology that encourages broader, deeper, healthier participation by citizens, candidates, officeholders and organizations.

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truth and science over disinformation
democracy day

Team Democracy and its partners will join in their second annual Democracy Day celebration on September 15th, featuring events, courses, activities and programs in support of American constitutional democracy and civic engagement.

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peaceful transfer of power
Trusted Elections

Team Democracy is bringing its experience and technology with the Safe and Fair Elections Pledge to the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections that is led by the Carter Center.  

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