Alyssa Newlon

Creative Strategy Director

Alyssa Newlon is a versatile Communications/Social Impact Strategy Specialist with over a decade of proven success in driving impactful initiatives for social enterprises and NGOs. She excels in crafting effective communication processes, implementing audience-tailored marketing strategies, and building leadership within prosocial businesses. Alyssa currently serves as the Creative Director for Team Democracy, a nonpartisan social enterprise focused on depolarizing the political climate. In this role, she executes internal processes, communication, and outreach strategy, leads on 501©3 compliance contracts, and coordinates fundraising drives. Alyssa also has experience working and living in Asia (India and Thailand)  with grassroots organizations for almost 8 years.

Alyssa is a lifelong Star Wars fan, social psychology research nerd, and is very proud of her handcrafted cat walk.

Check out Alyssa's LinkedIn profile for more information about Alyssa's past and current work.