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"Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen who would protect the rights and privileges of free men." - Dwight Eisenhower

Polarization erodes trust

Toxic polarization has eroded trust in the government and the political profession from 75% during Eisenhower’s administration to 20% today.  Divisive polarization threatens the institutions and processes that support our constitutional democracy.

Moving average of % who say they trust the government (Pew Research Center)
  • Establishes standards for individuals and organizations

  • Encourages collaboration

  • Encourages investment and activity in standards adherence

  • Improves public image

Enhances Trust

Credentialing systems are successful at improving the quality, effectiveness, and value of dozens of professions, from medicine to project management.

digital credentials

The Civics Credentialing System leverages state-of-the-art open digital credentialing technology. Credentials can be shared through social media, website links, and other means to display a commitment to constitutional democracy and encourage others to participate.  Credential Pathways encourage the development of core skills and deepen involvement in Democracy.

Civics credentialing framework

The Civics Credentialing Initiative strengthens our democratic republic by establishing a non-partisan framework that incentivizes pro-democracy behaviors on the part of citizens, candidates, officeholders, and organizations. Credentials are offered from nonpartisan nonprofits that are committed to the core principles and processes of democracy.  They provide common ground that bridges the current partisan divides.

civic learning

Choose free programs and events as short as half an hour to as long as a semester.  Your earned credentials will let your friends and followers know that you're serious when it comes to understanding more about our democratic institutions, and our civic responsibilities as American citizens.  

bridging divides

Americans will always have differences.  What weakens us is the toxic polarization and tribal instincts that drive mistrust and hostility, both inside and outside of politics.  Earn digital bridging credentials through free programs, courses and events that can help heal America's divide and strengthen our constitutional democracy.

Trusted information

Sources of information are more diverse than ever. The challenge for each of us is to identify which information sources are most trustworthy, and why. Our Trusted News pathway provides the tools needed to understand and evaluate the sources of information that we all consume.

elections & governance

Trusted elections are made possible by a consensus on shared rules and a shared commitment to self-government, ensuring the predictable and peaceful transfer of power. Our Trusted Elections pathway offers a means for each of us to effectively promote fair, inclusive, transparent, and responsive governance that will help strengthen our democracy, and build understanding and confidence in our lawful electoral processes.

Volunteering & service

Throughout America's history, service to our country, whether at home or abroad, has been a hallmark of our identity and our strength. It unifies our sense of purpose, and leaves us less polarized as a nation. Check out the initiatives and opportunities that offer digital credentials for  public service and volunteering.