Partners, Friends, and Allies


Democracy isn't a one time activity, it is a practice that we can all undertake. But it doesn't need to be overwhelming. Check out ActiVote's Daily Democracy app. You can see who represents you and track their actions. You will get notifications for every election and be able to explore the candidates and you'll learn about important public policy issues facing our communities.

American College Of National Security Leaders

National Security experts dedicated to strengthening U.S. national security initiatives, addressing threats both at home and abroad, with whole-of-society solutions in an increasingly polarized environment.

Braver Angels

Bringing reds and blues together, through conversations, workshops, alliances, and debates; and stitching America back together, one conversation at a time.

Bridge Alliance

A coalition of over 100 organizations working to bridge the divides that separate us; and revitalizing America through civic engagement, policymaking, and campaign and election processes.

Business Executives For National Security

Over 400 senior business and industry executives engaged in a fiercely nonpartisan mission to address America's most pressing national security challenges.

Business For America

A coalition of civic-minded business leaders and purpose-driven companies who are ready to take concrete action to promote civic engagement in support of collaborative governance that works for all Americans.

Citizen Connect

A non-partisan platform dedicated to helping Americans right, left and center find ways to heal our divides and strengthen this great nation.

Civic Alliance

A nonpartisan group of more than 1250 businesses committed to ensuring safe, accessible, fair, and transparent elections; and helping more Americans to have a voice in our democracy.

Civic Spirit

Passionate professionals with expertise in American history, theology, classroom pedagogy, leadership development, program design, and community health, partnering with educators and schools rooted in a faith tradition to strengthen their capacity for comprehensive and non-partisan civic education.

Common Ground Committee

Inspiring and motivating the public to find common ground and reduce incivility and polarization by demonstrating how influential people of opposing views can unexpectedly find agreement without compromising core values.

Issue One

A cross-partisan reform group uniting Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in the movement to fix what's broken in our political system and build a democracy that works for everyone.

Leadership Now Project

Leadership Now Project is a membership organization of business and thought leaders taking action to protect and renew American democracy.

Listen First Project

A collaborative movement of 400+ member organizations working to heal America by building relationships, bridging divides, and transforming division and contempt into connection and understanding.

Living Room Conversations

Getting at the heart of what we share as Americans, and connecting across political, social, age, gender, racial, and national divides.


Bringing unexpected partners together in powerful coalitions, uniting diverse viewpoints, taking on shared challenges, and transforming millions of lives for the better.

Michael V. Hayden Center

Provides for the full examination of intelligence and its interplay with US national security at a time when threats to global security in a complex, complicated world, have rarely ever been so great in scope and number.

More Perfect Union

A nationwide movement to strengthen our communities and heal our country by creating meaningful connections through service and leadership.

National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers

A member-led Association dedicated to structural election reforms in the public interest; and providing support to its member organizations through shared resources, best practices, and regular convenings.

Partnership for American Democracy

A collaborative national nerve center driving attention, energy, and resources to new and existing efforts at strengthening democracy in America.

Power the Vote

Funding year-round voter protection programs to assure that every voter and vote and every vote is counted.

Protect Democracy

A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization fighting efforts, at home and abroad, to undermine our right to free, fair, and fully informed self-government. Together, armed with our Constitution and the rule of law, we can renew our democracy and protect it from those who would do it harm.


Renew Democracy Initiative

Creating a movement to address the ongoing significant threats to our democracy, and working to promote democratic principles and civic behavior in the public sphere.

Stand Up Republic

Mobilizing a national, cross-partisan constituency to defend and strengthen American democracy.

The People

Bringing people together from across the country and political spectrum, empowering them to find common ground and take action to create a more responsive government by providing trainings, resources, and engaging programming.

The Steady State

Over 200 former national security professionals promoting free and fair elections, political civility, the rule of law, and transparent policymaking based on facts, reasonable analysis, and science.

Truman National Security Project

Drawing upon members' intellectual firepower and national security experience to develop timely, innovative solutions to preserve and expand democracy and human rights.

Unite America

A movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to bridge the growing partisan divide and foster a more representative and functional government.

Veterans for Political Innovation

A community of veterans and supporters advocating for election innovations to make our political system less toxic and more competitive.

Vietnam Vets of America

Supporting the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, and creating a new identity for this generation of veterans.

Our mission is to provide voters with what they need to vote informed. After a voter enters his or her address, we provide them with the customized ballots they will see at the polls. Additionally, we provide the non-partisan information they need to compare the candidates and ballot measures. Candidate websites, pictures, bios, objectives, videos, social media links and their position and view on current issues are compared in a side-by-side manner. Complete information about the ballot measures is also provided. Our simple objective is to help voters vote their interests, not those of special interests.

We the Veterans

Engaging and empowering the 17 million+ veterans and their family members living in the United States, to help build a more perfect Union.


A nonprofit technology startup, building the next generation of voting tech, by creating a digital voter guide informed by issues that Americans care about.