A time to engage and celebrate

The International Day of Democracy (September 15) is designated by the UN as the annual date for celebrating the liberties and freedoms that are guaranteed by democratic nations around the world. It's also a time to "review the state of democracy in the world."

To that end, Team Democracy is leading its second annual Democracy Day celebration, featuring virtual and in-person events, seminars, workshops, conversations, courses and rallies that will help strengthen the core democratic processes that ensure the freedoms and opportunities that are guarenteed by our constitutional democracy.

This year's theme: depolarizing america

Reducing polarization requires that each of us dig deeper, listen more actively, collaborate more respectfully, insist upon reliably fact-based information, and amplify our civic engagement.

It requires us to embrace a common ground commitment to the core ideals and principles of democracy. Though our politics and policies may differ, we need to affirm our common bond as Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson did in 2020.

champions for democracy

Team Democracy and our partners and friends across the democracy landscape are helping citizens, candidates, officeholders, and organizations to engage more deeply in the important work of strengthening our constitutional democracy.  On this Democracy Day, we'll highlight that work through events, conversations, courses, and activities; and we'll celebrate organization members, subscribers, participants and volunteers by recognizing and credentialing tens of thousands of Democracy Champions from every sector of the democracy landscape.

We invite partners who are engaged in every aspect of the "democracy mission" to reward and celebrate the students, teachers, volunteers, activists, leaders, participants and organizations whose engagement informs and supports our collective efforts to build the kind of common ground that strengthens our constitutional democracy.